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What is Forex? What do you know about it?

What is Forex? What do you know about it? In this short article we will give a very good overview about what is forex and how it works! So please get your coffee and try to enjoy reading it as your piece of cake magazine.

So again what is forex ? The global market of exchanging foreign currency is known as currency trading or as Forex (FX). Forex is the largest liquid market where the trading of currencies from all around the world is done. The market is achieving $5 trillion trading volume on a regular basis. The target is so large that world’s all stock markets together unable to cross or even achieved it.

What is forex & Why Forex is Beneficial for you?

Let’s take a tour of Forex and find some interesting characteristics which might be not present in other kinds of trading or investments. You can follow us on Youtube or our blog.

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Foreign Transactions

What is Forex | What do You Know About Forex | LFB | Transaction

Suppose if a person went to abroad, he/she always exchange currencies. Let’s assume that person lives in London and plans a trip to France and for that he turn his pounds into euros. The base of this exchange of currencies is supply and demand which discovers how much euros that person get in place of his pounds.

Most of the times, the transactions face sort of fluctuations. On Monday if pound to euro rate is 1.19, on Tuesday this could be 1.20 euro. no variation can be seen on a small-scale but what if this change is happening on a large-scale. Like the international companies, which give salaries to various foreign employees. Now, assume what can be done to get the sum and substances. As in pound to euro rate example, a person exchange money only by taking exchange rate into consideration as a small transaction add up expeditiously. In both the scenarios, either the traveler or business person, wants to resist their currency as late as currency exchange rate not becomes beneficial for their pockets. See the latest news about Forex!

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What Opportunities Forex brings?

What is Forex | What do You Know About Forex | LFB | Stock exchange

As like other stock businesses, one can trade currency as well by just concentrate its exchange rate. The major difference of trading currency is that a person can deal up or down effortlessly. In the time of increase rates, a person can buy it and in case of doubt it can easily sell. As he markets s beyond the national boundaries, searching buyer or seller is no complicated. Learn Forex through videos!

Just as in this case where China is discredits their currency in turn to get more foreign market into their country. Now, a person thinks the trend will goes on, he can invest and made a forex trade by vending Chinese money into another such as in US dollar. as much as Chinese currency discredit against US dollars, as high as the profit the person get. However, when the rates of Chinese currency raise, there can be loss and that person should want to get out of this trading. Follow us on TV Forex!

What is forex & How to Trade Currency?

For a new trader, free forex demo is a great option to explore the trading world.

What is Forex | What do You Know About Forex | LFB | Trade Currency

The forex involves two currencies as the person is betting one value against another. Let’s take an example of EUR/USD. It is the world’s most traded currency. Now in trading business, base is EUR and counter are USD. You always see two values on the platform, one is for buying and other is for selling and major difference among two is the spread. Now during buying or selling, the first currency will be in the pair.

Assume the euro will raises against US dollar. Now, your pair is EUR/USD and euro is first and as the rates of euro increases, you will buy EUR/USD and sell vice versa.

The spread is 0.4 pips, if the buying value of EUR/USD is 0.70644 and vend value is 0.70640. You can convert the spread in case the values favored you and you will get the benefit.

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Trade Foreign Currency in the Fractions of a Penny

Now what if the values represent in hundredths of cents? How you can calculate the noteworthy return of your venture?

The solution is leverage.

In forex, the first currency is borrowing in pair to purchase or sell second currency. Now, when the market is US$5-trillion-a-day, the big banks who provides the money allow to trade with leverage. in trading with leverage, the only need is to set a margin of the trade. As, the trading is with200:1 leverage, means £2,000 is trading with £10 margin, which keep aside in the trading account. The concept of leverage provides the trader more exposure during the down phase. However, profit potential is not raises through leverage. The leverage only exceeds deposited funds in case of loss. For a person who knew to forex business, he/she always start exchange with bottom leverage ratios.

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